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8 ways to spend time with the kids during term time

One of the things that I love about the school holidays is the amount of time we get to spend together as a family and it reminds me that I need to make time for the kids during term time. Over the summer I have been working with Direct Debit to streamline our finances and I have learned that by having my payments on  Direct Debit it frees up time to do other things .   If you are unsure of the benefits of paying by Direct Debit, then do check out my first post  here .  This month I am planning to reap the benefits of extra time not doing family admin by spending it with the children now they are back at school. It seems that we are all super busy, so these simple tips can make a real difference to the amount of quality time you get to spend with your children now they are back at school.  By using Direct Debit to pay my bills I have more time to spend with the family. 8 ways to spend time with the kids during term time Do not overschedule after school  It can be tempt
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Cleaning for Christmas

When you put up your decorations it is an ideal time to give your home a clean and get prepared for the festive season. If you are anything like me then you need to make space for the Christmas Tree and this means moving around the furniture, so I always take the opportunity to clean at the same time. The last thing you want is to be chaos cleaning before guests arrive or on Christmas Eve! Cleaning Jobs to do in December  As we are moving furniture I always make sure that I clean the skirting board - my top tip is to use a tumble dryer sheet as all the dust clings to it and it leaves the skirting lovely and clean and also less likely to attract dust. I try and focus on the areas of my home that guests will see and also on the things that we use at Christmas.  So if you have a special dinner service then make sure you give it a clean. As I also have Christmas cushion covers I take the chance to launder all the cushion covers that we use the rest of the year.  The same with
Over the last month, I have been  working on saving money and time by making sure my bills were being paid by Direct Debit .  I want to share with you how getting your bills paid for by Direct Debit means you have more time for yourself (and the family)! So I am going to admit that the majority of our bills were already being paid for by Direct Debit, including our gas, electricity, water and council tax. However, this month not only did we change our credit card, but we also switched our bank account. I have to admit I was pretty anxious as to how everything would work, especially with our new bank account, but I needn’t have concerned myself. Using the  Current Account Switch Service  all of our payments in and out, including Direct Debits, automatically moved across to our new account.  That was a real relief and better still I didn’t need to do anything. Secondly, I made sure that we had a Direct Debit in place for our new credit card.  I was really surprised that