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Over the last month, I have been  working on saving money and time by making sure my bills were being paid by Direct Debit .  I want to share with you how getting your bills paid for by Direct Debit means you have more time for yourself (and the family)! So I am going to admit that the majority of our bills were already being paid for by Direct Debit, including our gas, electricity, water and council tax. However, this month not only did we change our credit card, but we also switched our bank account. I have to admit I was pretty anxious as to how everything would work, especially with our new bank account, but I needn’t have concerned myself. Using the  Current Account Switch Service  all of our payments in and out, including Direct Debits, automatically moved across to our new account.  That was a real relief and better still I didn’t need to do anything. Secondly, I made sure that we had a Direct Debit in place for our new credit card.  I was really surprised that