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Being Money Savvy - Paying by Direct Debit

So over the coming weeks, I am going to be switching any bills that we do not already pay over to Direct Debit and I would love for you to join me and see just how easy it is. I am all for making things easier and simpler and that is what paying by Direct Debit can do for you.  As a busy mum of two boys finding time to manage household stuff is often the last thing on my agenda.  Plus I would much rather do fun stuff than house admin! I wish I had been taught how to budget and manage money when I was at school.  I never really worried about my finances until I had children and we were trying to live on a smaller income!  Now I try and make sure I have a handle on my money, rather than it having a handle on me! First off, let's start at the beginning - What is a Direct Debit?   In a nutshell, a Direct Debit is an instruction from you to your bank or building society to pay another account on an agreed date.    So I bet you are wondering how that can save you time,