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10 Cardboard roll crafts including a loo roll rocket competition

Do your kids love to junk model as much as mine.  A firm favourite of ours is loo roll crafts (or cardboard tubes from kitchen rolls and wrapping paper). Cardboard tubes are such a versatile craft material, so if this inspires you why not take a look at the crafts below and have some fun with the kids:  It is amazing what you can do with some inspiration and some loo rolls, so grab yours from the recycling pile and get crafty. I love these toilet toll shakers , what a great way to make a toy out of something you have decorated. The boys would love to make these knitting looms . These toilet roll bracelets by Molly Moo are wonderful and perfect for manual dexterity with the weaving involved. I know that we would have so much fun making these loo roll glasses . I look how bright and fun this rocket is from Crafty Morning . How cute would this windmill be, a great way to demonstrate wind power. I am really taken with these changing f

10 Top tips for saving money on fuel

One of our biggest expenses after mortgage and council tax is fuel.  Both utilities and petrol and diesel for our cars.  So any way to save money on fuel is a bonus for me. So my top tips for reducing your fuel consumption. Do not use your car as storage, make sure you are not carrying lots of unnecessary things in the boot, as this will make it heavier and use more fuel to drive Do not use your air-conditioning unless necessary as this also uses fuel. Keep your windows closed, this makes the car more streamlined. Do not leave a roof rack on for longer than necessary as this could add up to 5% to your fuel consumption. Make sure your fuel cap is on correctly to prevent fuel evaporation. Drive as smooth as possible in as high a gear as possible.  Try not to brake excessively. Use cruise control and avoid driving at high speeds.  Try to maintain your speed to keep momentum. Check your tyres are correctly inflated. Turn off your engine if you are going to be idling for more

Create a Kitchen Garden

Activity : Grow your own herbs, flowers, cress heads in the kitchen How long: 1-3 hours Cost : Allow £6 including tools What you’ll need: We’ve opted for paper pots (8 pots £0.99p) that children can decorate first using some of the contents in the craft kit. There are lots of flower, herb and cress seeds (available from most major supermarkets for around £1.30 per pack), peat pellets (or compost) (£0.29) and watering can/trowel set (£1.99 B&M) (optional). Eggs (£1.46 for 6). Directions:  Find a nice bright window sill in your kitchen or create an area on the kitchen floor that gets sunlight. Then get gardening in the kitchen. Prepare your egg shells don’t forget to decorate these as well as the pots, add dampened cotton wool and sprinkle with cress seeds. Place the peat pellets or compost in the pots and scatter seeds.   For older children, why not look up on the internet / in KS1/2 guides about growing plants and photosynthesis.   Ben

Wonderful Wooden Spoon Characters

Activity: Recreate your family as wooden spoon characters    How long: 1 hr 30 mins  Cost: £4 What you’ll need:  Wooden spoons (£1.99 for 8 B&M); craft items  Directions : Start by making your spoon character’s face by drawing a face on the inside of the wooden spoon using felt tip pens. Draw whatever expression suits the puppet you're making - happy, sad, angry, poking a tongue out etc.  Decorate the puppet by sticking tissue paper and scraps of material to your wooden spoon for clothing. Create the characters arms and legs with pipe cleaners, add other features like hair or hats. Make lots of puppets and put on a show!

Weetabix Jenga

Activity:  Stacking Weetabix Jenga-style! How long: 30 mins Cost: £1.49 for 12 What you’ll need: 12 Weetabix (the Banana ones are fab!) Directions : Build a tower with your Weetabix by taking it in turns to layer each one – a top tip is place them diagonally in twos, crisscross formation one on top of another. See who lets the tower fall first! 

Create Weetabix Friends and Faces

At the beginning of the summer we were sent a fab "Kids in the Kitchen" goodie box from Betta Living and over the next four weeks I am going to be sharing with you some of the fab activities from this box. NOw I  wasn't  paid to share these with you, but they are such great activities it would be a crime not to.    All the activities are simple, inexpensive and fun to do. Activity:  Decorating Weetabix is fun (and healthier than biscuits). See who can create the most colorful and creative critters or funny faces on their Weetabix! Use fruit instead of sweets to make this even more healthy! How long : Up to 1 hour Cost : £3.50    What you’ll need:  Weetabix (£1.49 for 12), writing icing (£2) or make your own icing, plus items to decorate - Smarties, M&Ms, strawberry laces, blueberries, strawberries, vanilla yoghurt, banana. Directions:  Before the decorating begins you could ask your child to draw out some designs and ideas, thi