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Top tips on saving money on your electrcity

Now that the darker nights are drawing in, I find myself looking for ways to save money on my electricity bill.  Not only are electricty increasing, but we will soon be using the heating again and having the lights on for much longer each day increasing the usage and the costs.  So my tips are as follows: Use an price comparison such such as uSwitch to make sure you are getting the best deal for you Draw your curtains or blinds at dusk to keep the heat in and the cold out Use draft excluders at the exterior doors Use a curtain at the door if you get a draft Make sure you do not leave appliances on standby Only wash a full load of laundry Boil the amount of water you require rather than a kettle full Put the lids on your pans, they boil quicker and you lose less heat Do not put warm foods in the fridge or freezer Turn off the lights in unused rooms and use energy saving light bulbs Make sure you hot water tank is set to 60 degrees or less Turn your heating down by 1 degr

Keeping your children warm on a budget

With the price of fuel going up and up and up, it is important to me that we make savings where we can and with this in mind I wrote a post at Ready fro Ten about  helping to stem the cost of soaring fuel prices .  The thing for me is I am happy to try and save money, but I would never put the boys at risk by being too cold, however, you can make changes which mean you can leave the heating off for a little longer. Layer up I am a big fan of lots of thin layers, which trap the warn air.  We do this with thermal vests and long johns (bought from Aldi), then PJ's and then dressing gowns.  The boys were soft bedsocks to keep their feet warm when in bed. Pajamas Maxi has some fantastic pajamas from Vertbaudet which are  toweling  with feet in the bottom  and they do these in up to age ten, which is perfect as it stops cold feet when in bed. Slippers Neither of my boys have ever got on with slippers, they always seem to slop off or they just do not wear them, however, no


My goal in life is to be a thrifty mum, to be provident and provide for my childrens future. Thrifty   adj   thriftier ,  thriftiest 1.  showing thrift; economical or frugal 2.   Rare  thriving or prospering thriftily    adv thriftiness    n mum   n.   Chiefly British Mother. [Short for  mummy .]