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15 Uses for White Vinigar

I always have white vinegar in the house.  It is part of my cleaning regime.  So here I give you 15 uses for white vinegar 

  1. Descaling shower head - detach & sit in a solution of half water/vinegar overnight
  2. Descaling the kettle - a few cm of half vinegar/water left over night in the kettle.  You need to rice it and boil new water in the kettle about three times before using
  3. Cleaning windows and gglass: 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water (great for shower cubicles too)
  4. Getting rid of remnants of sticky labels - dab with neat vinegar
  5. Greasy/oily stains - dab with neat vinegar then wash
  6. Descale washing machines/dishwashers - run about a cup worth of vinegar through a rinse cycle
  7. Cheap fabric softener - replace fabric conditioner with about half a cup of vinegar in fabric conditioner drawer of washing machine (your washing will not smell of vinegar)
  8. Unblock drains/clear plug holes - pour approx one cup of vinegar over a cup of bicarbonate of soda 
  9. Neutralising smells - dabbed, poured on areas depending on material at site 
  10. Poaching eggs, I add a cap full of cider vinegar to keep the whites together
  11. Removing rust - soak in neat vinegar overnight
  12. Deoderising dry clean only clothes - add a cup full of vinegar to a hot bath and hang the clothes above overnight.
  13. Clean the fridge -   by washing with a solution of equal parts water and vinegar.
  14. Wasp stings - dab on neat vinegar
  15. Cleaning vases and decanters - part fill with a half water, half vinegar solution and a handful of rice.  Shake occasionally.
What other uses of white vinegar do you know? 


  1. Oooh - great list! I've been trying out a few lately after I blogged about using vinegar to clean our toilet. A mix of vinegar and baking powder shifted hard water marks where nothing had touched it before. Today I added a vinegar solution into my Vax Steam Cleaner to clean all my smooth floors - seemed to cut through the dirt better tan just plain steamed water. A great thing to have under your sink!

  2. brilliant list Jen - might be trying that rust one on the scooters when the rain finally stops!

  3. Ive been meaning to get white vinegar for ages as ive seen lots of people use it all the time for cleaning


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